Check out our best pictures from the annual Guggenheim Gala for 2018

Lorde looked stunning Monday night as she took the stage at the annual Guggenheim Gala for 2018.

At 23, the pop star seems to be taking an optimistic view of being young. When asked by Howard Stern what she thought it would be like when she was 80, she said, “I think I’d be pretty healthy, but I wouldn’t be, like, much fun.”

She continued, “I think I’d be a little more sad,” she said. “I’d probably be doing something like, like, making houses for my friend’s homes in Africa. I wouldn’t be doing anything that is fun.”

Lorde served as a presenter at this year’s party, which is part of Art Basel Miami Beach and featured an auction that included a major portrait painted by Jackson Pollock and Marc Quinn’s The Promise Project, a projection-based installation that recreated the Statue of Liberty’s arms while lining it with thousands of origami paper cranes.

But, of course, the music was what we were all there for. Lorde performed her song “Green Light,” and a dazzling performance of “Melodrama” followed. We were blessed with a bit of collaboration from none other than Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign.

During their performance, Ty Dolla $ign held up his jacket to reveal “PART 2” written in large letters on the back.

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