Dissident Cuban blogger warns against ‘noisy’ dissent

An independent Cuban blogger says he will protest against what he calls a “completely intolerant” crackdown on dissidents after the government signed off on new, draconian measures to replace a former reformist charter.

Dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez, 31, spent over three years reporting on the underground country before posting a message on Twitter, in English, urging her supporters not to report anti-Castro events – and if they do to take video and audio instead.

“We don’t have to be in Havana,” she said. “If you can’t bring the family to visit you, just take a flight to a nearby town. If you can’t report from inside Cuba, report from the airport.”

Cuban authorities routinely block dissidents from public gatherings and censors internet content on the island.

Earlier this week, authorities showed up at Ms Sanchez’s studio and forcibly removed her boyfriend, Richard Leal. He was detained for posting information about her on his Facebook page.

Cuba is in the process of amending a 1976 charter that helped establish the fledgling Cuban “Communist” party. But opposition leaders say the new charter is much more restrictive.

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