Inmates Live In A Grocery Store? Halloween In Space? Inside The Legal Abyss With Sean Hannity

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Last holiday season, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) celebrated Thanksgiving in space by eating all kinds of weird weird stuff.

During a call with comedian Judd Apatow, that’s how astronauts celebrated Thanksgiving in space.

Michael Fincke first spoke with Apatow about his experience on the International Space Station.

The video also shows an elaborate meal they served while he was there. The takeaway? I’m not sure but they probably picked up some weird space stuff.

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Sean Hannity says Kavanugh’s impeachment ‘makes no sense at all.’ “That is why for over two centuries, American politicians have been learning from British politicians, the Icons and Impeachers of History. The First Amendment says Americans can be the worst people in the world, but a U.S. citizen can never be the Worst person in the world.”

James van Reyl, professor of Constitutional Law at Brandeis University joined “Red Eye” to discuss how we can return to Constitutional principles.

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