Andy Murray’s lost wedding ring inspired him to start a new tradition

For British tennis star Andy Murray, his return to the “good books” is hardly a secret. After overcoming wrist injury, the former world No. 1 has been playing stellar tennis, even winning his second French Open title in April. Murray, who turns 31 on Saturday, is hot on the heels of that win, according to a newly released stats tracker on the Tennis website.

His recent success hasn’t gone unnoticed by those closest to him. Last November, Murray lost a wedding ring that he had lost during a New York City trip. Although he and fiancee Kim Sears were looking for it, they were unable to find it.

“I said that it would be funny if I got a new one,” he told The Sun. “But, honestly, I didn’t think anyone would give a f— about it.”

For Murray, that was a serious oversight. The tennis champ had found inspiration in a 2012 Google Doodle he had noticed in the office. The “Andy Murray and his cats” doodle, featuring Murray’s Alaskan Klee Kai, featured the tennis star and his current wife-to-be Kim (who is also an accomplished tennis player and doubles player) going for a walk. Murray found the doodle so funny that he’d been wondering for years where his own wedding ring had disappeared.

In his apology, Murray wrote: “Andy Murray lost his wedding ring at the Koons Cat’s Breakfast.”

The ring, which was engraved with an “X,” is in good hands. After finding his lost ring, Murray got in touch with the local Montessori school, where it was engraved with his and Kim’s initials, according to the French Metro. Those initials now have a bigger, new label bearing the number two.

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