Method Man On Season 2 Of “Power”

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Method Man and the stars of Power Book II: Ghost hit the red carpet to chat with Trish Regan about the second season of “Power Book II: Ghost.”

“I’m really excited about the second season of Power, its just the people, its the game of Power and we all just went into it super seriously knowing how the show is and it was all hands on deck, a lot of favorite and actual cast members, also Oscar winning producer and director Tyrone ‘T-Boz’ Brown are on board and we got A R Kelly over there as well, so yeah all the support is good.”

Method Man’s favorite episode so far is “Feast” thanks to its character development.

When asked about his all time favorite “power book character” Method Man revealed Frank Summers.

“I think it’s like when he’s saying that I’m under the water, you know the main characters is like that and those are there’s two good ones,” Method Man said. “And when you got people like. E.G. from Power Book I know myself going and watching it, its like I can’t front, they gonna see me playing that character cause it’s one of my favorite characters.”

Method Man also revealed his favorite murder is Harvey Moonblood.

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