125cc World Championship – countdown to US Grand Prix

FIM Top 10

125cc: Maverick Vinales (Spa), Alex Marquez (Spa), Mariano Galassi (Ita)

125cc World Championships table:

125cc standings: 1 Marquez 375 pts, 2 Vinales 345 pts, 3 Valverde 359 pts, 4 Di Grassi 385 pts, 5 Arroyo 435 pts, 6 Ribas 418 pts, 7 Sitomer 573 pts, 8 Hernandez 501 pts, 9 Garcia 585 pts, 10 Kannett 690 pts

Marquez’s MotoGP future “We hope and we are confident. I am open to signing with Honda, that’s why I will give my best for that chance. I have already thought about getting a bike to race with in Austin [US]. We know we’ll have to get a good bike at 125cc. There is a team with rules for 125cc. We’re aware of the risks but we can’t run without saving with that bike. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Austin. If we have a good day I’m sure we’ll fight, and if not then we’ll have to get a second bike at the right time to fight with 125cc.”

125cc World Championship format

* denotes rider series title winner

– Two 20-lap races

– The race will be split into two third-lap segments

– The first seventh-lap segment is also split into three separate segments, reaching the halfway point

– After the second seventh-lap segment the riders split into two halves

– When the back four bikes finish the race one race leader will be decided, but not before the first third-lap segment

– The rider who finishes fifth in the first third-lap segment will be declared the race leader and the rider who finishes sixth will be declared the race runner-up, though they will continue to fight for the 125cc title

– The third and final third-lap segment will be split into two segments. With the end of the first segment, the fourth fastest rider will be declared the race winner

Note: The top 10 in the final Championship points list will be in the final race

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