American and U.S. Air passengers facing hiccups with fuel-efficient Dreamliner

The busy travel holiday season is upon us, and American and U.S. Airways passengers could face some of the most frustrating flights in months thanks to the new 787-9 Dreamliner that their respective companies were able to purchase from Boeing.

The aircraft is considered more efficient and more fuel-efficient than other larger planes in service, which means that it will burn less fuel and, therefore, burn fewer fumes than other planes, and thus, fewer headaches and other pollution effects for passengers.

Despite this perceived advantage, though, some fuel-efficient airliners (like the current Airbus A350) are already starting to make life much less comfortable for travelers on the road, since they are big enough to accommodate two people in first class.

There’s only one problem: most airlines are giving very little information to passengers, according to a Wall Street Journal story, including which routes they fly.

The 787-9 Dreamliner was first tested in May, but airlines have only recently begun placing orders for the new plane. So, more time is needed to prepare for the unusually long holiday season (this Sunday is usually a do-nothing holiday for Americans) and to get service on most American airlines up to even par with Boeing’s objective, from getting the Dreamliner in the air.

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