MPs to pick up where they left off after federal election

The leader of the opposition will have a question period opportunity just before parliament resumes on 17 August – an interesting development given the close federal election campaign

MPs are expected to pick up where they left off last week in holding the government to account following last week’s federal election.

The House of Commons will be in recess from 7 August to 10 August during which time the House leader will host a 10am briefing on the Conservative campaign to the government, and the leader of the opposition, Andrea Leadsom, will have a question period opportunity just before parliament resumes on 17 August.

Last week, as parliament was finishing up the campaign, MPs were given a quick farewell before moving their offices. It was while holidaying that one such former MP, the Liberals’ Danya Proud, was hit by a taxi on the Parliament Hill concourse.

Proud, 44, who was once a Labour MP and is the cousin of the outgoing Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, told reporters she was “terribly lucky” after spending four days in a hospital under observation for a concussion and a fractured neck.

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Speaking to Canada’s CTV News she said “I’ve got nothing to say to the government, other than my condolences, and very sincerely hope that everybody involved with that cab that I was involved in feel better and that I’m given proper care for my injury and hopefully that it won’t happen again”.

Former prime minister Stephen Harper said he was sorry for Proud’s injuries and wished her well.

The Conservatives have not yet chosen a successor to leading candidates Kellie Leitch and Andrew Scheer.

Following a contentious election campaign, during which the Conservatives spent most of their time attacking the opposition, the Conservatives have promised not to adopt any new tax policies from the Liberal government.

The coalition opposition was supposed to be newly-merged Democrats of Canada (DNC) and the Green party. However, the NDP MP, Kennedy Stewart, is refusing to accept a government appointment because of the party’s membership split.

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