NFL player charged with assaulting girlfriend dies 2 weeks after filmed attack


Zac Stacy was found dead in his apartment less than two weeks after surveillance cameras at the Cherokee Condominium Complex in Winston-Salem captured him violently slamming his girlfriend’s head against a closed closet door.

Stacy was found dead with bruises to his face, eyes, chest and a collapsed lung. Tia Watkins, the estranged girlfriend of Stacy, testified in court on Thursday, Aug. 23, saying she can’t live “in my own house” because it’s been too difficult to return to her place in the complex.

“I am so scared, and I cannot trust him to come home,” she said, adding that she has been “lost for words” because of Stacy’s death.

Stacy’s girlfriend testified against him in court on Thursday, saying that she can’t return to her home because he attacked her. — Post & Courier (@postcourier) August 24, 2017

According to Lane’s testimony, she was having dinner at the condo complex when she remembered seeing Stacy earlier in the day and went over to his apartment to say goodbye. She said they got into an argument over “stuff that happened” earlier that day and that she told him to stop hitting her, “but he would not stop.”

“I have trouble seeing myself with the same person anymore. I don’t think I could have talked him out of it,” she testified, adding that she told Stacy he was a bad man who might kill her or himself and he immediately attacked her. He pinned her to the floor and when she broke free, punched her multiple times. He then put his hands around her neck and put his head right next to hers, Watkins said.

Stacy was arrested and charged with domestic violence-related aggravated assault, but died on August 5, soon after Watkins gave her testimony, according to the Post & Courier.

See more photos of Zach Stacy here and the video of him assaulting his girlfriend below.

Fox26 | jail booking photo

Stacy was an offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets during his career. He played four years in the NFL.

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