Photographer Federico Alba to publish book on career

Just in time for the classic sports movie “The Big One,” Federico Alba returns with a book called “A Giant in the Game” (Simon & Schuster) that will be released Oct. 30. The character Alba in the film is a golfing coach who goes from mud hole to chic seaside club. (The movie was well-made.)

A prolific photographer for Vanity Fair and GQ as well as having a photographic portfolio that has appeared in serious foreign magazines, Alba’s book tells a story of his native Sicily. His memoir is full of color and composition; I’m told he thinks nothing of challenging the noses of actors and beauty pageant winners.

“The Big One” was directed by John Chambers and was based on a screenplay he wrote with Dino Rosetti. It follows construction worker Joe Keller, who attempts to create a legend by winning the annual Big One to attract tourists to his small island in the Adriatic Sea. James Woods played the title role.

Somehow I doubt Federico Alba will have the same lasting place in history as Joe Keller.

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