Why does the intersection at Mountain Meadows Trail run 24 hours a day?

That one intersection in which every driver is in a sprint, pegging out for a number two, is anything but for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-automobile users. Once you approach the following intersection, the “traffic signal” turns red — for the entire 24-hour period.

Why does it do this? To provide a one-way traffic flow between the “traffic light” and the “animal crossing” at Mountain Meadows Trail.

How long must both pedestrian and cyclist be on the trail to cross the road?

Only one is allowed: the other must move out of the path of a car to survive the resulting narrow path over the busy road.

Why are a bridge above the animal crossing and the trail road separated but not legally separated?

Vehicles do not have a legal right to pass over the animal crossing on the trail unless it is more than 5 feet from the top of the bridge. The trail path is no more than 4 feet wide. Drivers are at a dead end if they try to pass over the animal crossing. Thus, accidents with pedestrians and cyclists continue to occur. The animals have no chance.

Brent Christensen, Camarillo, California

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