Belgian Prime Minister tests positive for World War II chemical

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

Belgium’s anti-corruption watchdog announced Friday that French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe tested positive for the drug used by riot police during this summer’s ongoing Madrid-Catalonia independence bid.

Philippe was informed in July that he had been given a steroid that was allegedly created to handle the effects of mustard gas during World War II.

“After the test he was informed to take no public or private trips, he was threatened with a health regulation for the time being,” Didier Bocquet, president of the Commission on Ethics and Anti-corruption, said in a statement.

However, Philippe is now free to proceed with his schedule after a court cut the negative report into a “small detail” that showed up on a test that he’s yet to have been given the chance to check.

Philippe could be stripped of his leadership, however. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, who appoints the prime minister of Belgium, said that “David said he doesn’t want to have any interviews so I don’t plan to promote him anymore.”

Philippe took office in June after a campaign designed to bolster the middle class in the north of the country.

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