Biegel and Rodgers back on the practice field as Dolphins make moves

Over the course of 16 weeks, Vince Biegel logged 2,787 snaps for the Green Bay Packers. It’s been six long weeks since Biegel has been able to play in a game, but Thursday brought good news for the linebacker: the Dolphins activated him off their injured reserve list and he’s finally back on the practice field.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase gave some details about Biegel’s workout on Thursday, noting that the rookie isn’t quite where he wants to be just yet:

“He had a good workout. I don’t think he’s quite where he wants to be right now. He’s still had some pain in his knee, but it’s a big step in the right direction.”

#Packers rookie LB Vince Biegel makes his return today. Committed to staying on track with his rehab. Went through a long walk thru in a group today. — Mark Potash (@MarkPotash) September 1, 2017

Biegel is a very good linebacker, as evidenced by his number of snaps last season with the Packers: 2069, to be exact. Miami will welcome him back as they look to play themselves into the playoffs.

#Packers LB Vince Biegel has been added to the Dolphins’ active roster. — Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) September 1, 2017

Biegel isn’t the only Packers player with a happy story Thursday. Also on the practice field was Rodgers, who voiced his appreciation for fans’ support via social media Thursday:

It’s been a while since Packers fans have heard an official announcement from Rodgers, but they should feel very welcome to get back a little cheer from the quarterback and team.

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