Jessie J shares heartbreaking news of a miscarriage

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British singer Jessie J shared a heartbreaking message on her social media channels over the weekend, regarding a personal loss she experienced.

The musician told fans that she had lost a baby last year. Her post was accompanied by an artistic photo of two drawings, one depicting a tiny corpse covered in dust, and another of an elephant carrying a dead foetus.

Her post comes after a busy and emotional week for the 27-year-old musician and singer, who has been at the center of controversy in recent days.

First, she responded to a troll who took issue with her cover art for her new single, Domino. After one fan shared the criticism on Twitter, Jessie J explained that she “doesn’t care what people think” and revealed that she had been “passed a mixed bag of emotions” since going through heartbreak last year.

In a follow-up message to her fans, Jessie J disclosed the details of her miscarriage, which took place last year.

Jessie J’s album, “Sweet Talker,” was praised for its songs which focused on issues surrounding women and mental health. But the star became embroiled in a row over a post she made in response to a viewer’s comments, which one tweeter referred to as an “unacceptable race-baiting attack.”

When the viewer was asked if she was considering switching off the artist’s music, Jessie J replied that she wouldn’t pay $6 for her album. This sparked backlash on social media, including from within her fanbase.

In another exchange, the singer’s entourage became embroiled in a Twitter feud with a journalist for The Sun over their predictions for the star’s song sales. The journalist, David Johnson, also criticized the musician in the posts.

“I will not let this person, person who took me over 48,000 followers away, give me comfort or make me feel any better by bashing Jessie J,” Johnson tweeted.

‘It has been a busy week, but a good one! xx I have been emotionally burned. It has also been a very busy week with the amazing pregnancy. So thank you for your support, don’t take it for granted. You mean the world to me xxx,” she later tweeted in response to fan questions.

Jessie J’s now-deleted tweet about her new single artwork, “Domino.” (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

The singer is known for her inclusive lyrics and socially conscious message in her music. Her 2015 album, “Sweet Talker,” and its single, “Burnin’ Up,” a tearful retelling of growing up in inner-city London in the wake of the 2013 riots, is particularly celebrated for its message.

Last year, she also came under fire for faking an orgasm onstage and bragging about being a dominatrix on stage, similar to her recent comments.

Jessie J’s next track, “How Ya Doin’,” will be released on Wednesday.

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