Singapore Airlines’ new Dreamliner can contain a viral outbreak

Fully vaccinated crew members will be allowed onboard Singapore Airlines’ new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner fleet, the airline’s chief executive said on Sunday.

The move, which is aimed at improving the airline’s safety standards, comes as dozens of people have been diagnosed with a respiratory illness with cough and hacking symptoms.

“We have the youngest fleet in the world and as such we believe that health and safety are key,” D. Goh Choon Phong said at the airline’s Flight Attendants Conference.

D. Goh said pilots have to attend health and safety courses before they are certified, but crew members do not need to be trained as airlines have already taken steps to screen crew for Ebola and other viruses.

“We have found a way to work together to overcome this virus,” he said.

However, D. Goh did not elaborate on which movies the crew will have to watch or put on as a motivation to get vaccinated.

Singapore Airlines, part of the shipping and financial conglomerate Singapore Airlines Ltd, has faced an unprecedented flurry of negative publicity in recent months with the release of the disturbing documentary “United Shades of America.”

In the documentary, a host of passengers speak out about their unpleasant experiences on the airlines, but only one passenger — an openly gay man — offers to boycott the airline altogether.

Under pressure from the documentary, Singapore Airlines has dropped its “Buy a Jet” campaign and replaced some of its flight attendants with co-workers from rival carriers.

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