Netflix mocks The Jonas Brothers

Jonas – seated – with the rest of the Jonas Brothers on tour

They were one of the best boybands of the noughties and a much-loved teen drama about their lives on stage. Now the Jonas Brothers are getting roasted on Netflix.

The Documentary Nights special sees the group (who broke up in 2013) promote their brand new ICONIC World Tour on an 11-stop tour across North America.

As they hit the stage, comedian Jeff Ross rips into their past and poses a number of hilarious accusations, including “Your ex-boyfriend was a billionaire magician before your career took off.”

And all the singers were in on the joke, with Joe cheekily chiming in: “I’m just here to watch the dick jokes.”

Ben Jorgensen/Netflix

Jordin Sparks, who was on the set of the Never Been Kissed with the band when they were 17, claimed she doesn’t have a lot of bad memories from her time with them, despite suffering an emotional breakdown at one point.

“They built me back up so many times on stage,” she said. “As an artist, I feel like they wanted me to always try my best. I got made fun of and I got called stupid all the time but it never actually stuck.”

By far the cringiest is Joe, who chews out and shouts: “Marry me!” before finally hitting the punchline: “Well, I’m coming back, right? Yeah.”

However, all in all, the funniest line was re-edited by Ben Jorgensen, who admitted he cried watching it.

“The best part of the night was watching it twice because as the video editor, I could immediately tell there was going to be a twist, but it was never revealed, and when I watched it again, I broke down.”

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